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O'Gosh Computers was established in 1989 and is Blount County's oldest computer store. We provide sales, service, and installation for IBM compatible computers, software, peripherals and supplies. On-site installation and service is also available.

O'Gosh Computers has the experience and capabilities to repair and build systems ranging from the original 8088 PC through the latest Pentium IV systems. We use INTEL and AMD processors to insure a system which fits your operational needs and budget constraints. Operating systems available include DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows '95, Windows '98,  Windows NT (Workstation and Server), Windows ME, Windows 2000 (Professionsal and Server), and Windows XP (Home and Professional). Network site wiring and installation are also available for 10baseT, 100baseT, 1000baseT, and wireless systems.

O'Gosh Computers was founded in 1989 to to provide a local service and support for IBM compatible computer systems. New systems are built, configured, and tested in house to ensure reliability and compatibility. We specialize in matching the individual components of a system to the specific needs and desires of the client. All new systems include on-site installation. We provide upgrades to existing systems including memory, floppy drives, hard drives, sound cards, modems as well as complete motherboard and CPU upgrades. Used and refurbished equipment is available for budget constrained applications. On-site or shop service is available for existing systems, including software installation, upgrades and training.

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Last updated Wednesday, September 14, 2005